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Bingo !myrtle22210/5/15, 3:11 pmInvestorsHub
Just heard HMALETTER 10/5/15, 2:34 pmMotley Fool
Re: AAPL HMALETTER 10/5/15, 10:35 amMotley Fool
Re: AAPL EverettRuess 10/5/15, 10:11 amMotley Fool
AAPL DukeMontrose 10/5/15, 10:02 amMotley Fool
LOL!! Exactly... all one can do is laughjimmybob10/5/15, 9:17 amInvestorsHub
Bought shortterm putseuroptiger10/5/15, 8:49 amInvestorsHub
AAPL : http://www.digitimes.com/news/a20151005PD205.htmljimmybob10/5/15, 7:55 amInvestorsHub
CPST 24c....Climbing up from bottom ...It will be $1+ next year and probably $10+ after Wa...s.k_tammy10/5/15, 6:47 amYahoo!
I'll prove analysts wrong again...biggestfootxxx10/5/15, 6:46 amYahoo!
Again Dow up 200 and Apple down 1-2 dollarsrbk176710/5/15, 6:43 amYahoo!
Long 109.25jeffbeck28310/5/15, 6:37 amYahoo!
Apple used to be the company that could do no wrongazz_woopin10/5/15, 6:37 amYahoo!
LOL.....TOLD YOU TO SHORT THE POP DIDNT I ?? Watch and learn.sheepskiner_cantstoplaughing10/5/15, 6:35 amYahoo!
BETTER HANG ON SHEEP.....TOO MUCH BAD NEWS OUT THERE ON AAPL...they blew itsheepskiner_cantstoplaughing10/5/15, 6:34 amYahoo!
Yahoo Censorshipbiglefthook_0010/5/15, 6:34 amYahoo!
LOL.......SURE HOPE YOU SHEEP SHORTED THAT POP !!!!sheepskiner_cantstoplaughing10/5/15, 6:32 amYahoo!
HEY SHEEP.....DONT FORGET TO SHORT THE POP.........sheepskiner_cantstoplaughing10/5/15, 6:31 amYahoo!
Re: Amazon: Monopolist or Opportunist? soycapital 10/4/15, 2:43 pmMotley Fool
Re: Amazon: Monopolist or Opportunist? corbetti 10/4/15, 2:17 pmMotley Fool
Re: Amazon: Monopolist or Opportunist? HMALETTER 10/3/15, 10:05 pmMotley Fool
Re: Ad blockers HMALETTER 10/3/15, 9:55 pmMotley Fool
Re: Ad blockers stevenjklein 10/3/15, 8:39 pmMotley Fool
Re: Ad blockers stevenjklein 10/3/15, 8:35 pmMotley Fool
Re: Ad blockers dsbrady 10/3/15, 6:31 amMotley Fool
Re: Ad blockers Milligram46 10/3/15, 2:56 amMotley Fool
Amazon: Monopolist or Opportunist? PucksFool 10/2/15, 11:51 pmMotley Fool
The Apple router is the best wifi I'vemyrtle22210/2/15, 6:32 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Ad blockers FlyingDiver 10/2/15, 5:36 pmMotley Fool
Re: Ad blockers HMALETTER 10/2/15, 5:24 pmMotley Fool
Re: Ad blockers stevenjklein 10/2/15, 5:00 pmMotley Fool
I just don't see the short game surviving...justGoliathVette10/2/15, 4:35 pmInvestorsHub
Plunge protection team was working hard today!Lowjack10/2/15, 4:22 pmInvestorsHub
At the bell, I say close around $111.15,GoliathVette10/2/15, 3:38 pmInvestorsHub
There is the $111....if you are still ridingGoliathVette10/2/15, 3:32 pmInvestorsHub
I've been averaging down the last month (NovemberUcansaywhatever210/2/15, 3:22 pmInvestorsHub
111+ cover to get it while you canGoliathVette10/2/15, 12:49 pmInvestorsHub
will you marry me sweetheart ?only if youoldsport10/2/15, 11:59 amInvestorsHub
http://www.streetinsider.com/news.php?id=10938517myrtle22210/2/15, 11:11 amInvestorsHub
We will stay upward....I would be surprised toGoliathVette10/2/15, 11:05 amInvestorsHub
I think we see 107 today. Maybe lessJim12110/2/15, 9:12 amInvestorsHub
Theory being just as shown towards market close.GoliathVette10/1/15, 11:19 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Ad blockers HMALETTER 10/1/15, 10:35 pmMotley Fool
Why? What is your theory/ expectation?ImHereToo10/1/15, 2:17 pmInvestorsHub
Well your about $2 ITM right now soAsher7810/1/15, 12:20 pmInvestorsHub
I was thinking 95. But time will tell :)Dunlop10/1/15, 10:53 amInvestorsHub
Stock still going down the tubes...lol.DISCHINO10/1/15, 10:41 amInvestorsHub
Re: Ad blockers whafa 10/1/15, 10:33 amMotley Fool
Re: iPhone 6s water resistance progress PSUEngineer 10/1/15, 10:11 amMotley Fool
Like I said: short all the way to $94investorpaul10/1/15, 9:47 amInvestorsHub


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