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Thank you . Adding more shares today$Pistol Pete$05/24/17, 11:50 amInvestorsHub
Far as Apple. Just own it. Can't go wrongXtraFunds05/24/17, 11:27 amInvestorsHub
Re: AAPL johnfraga 05/24/17, 4:43 amMotley Fool
Nokia and Apple Sign Patent License BusinessDadx405/23/17, 7:04 amInvestorsHub
Agreed$Pistol Pete$05/23/17, 2:00 amInvestorsHub
You're welcome P! #Apple for life ;))KICK105/23/17, 1:58 amInvestorsHub
Thank u ;-)$Pistol Pete$05/22/17, 10:21 pmInvestorsHub
I don't mind. I already want to watchBritannyJ56405/22/17, 5:19 pmInvestorsHub
Nice! I'm always one step behind lol congratsKICK105/22/17, 2:13 pmInvestorsHub
$AAPL Here's how Apple's stock can get to$Pistol Pete$05/22/17, 10:42 amInvestorsHub
Added 800 shares$Pistol Pete$05/22/17, 10:40 amInvestorsHub
RBC CAPITAL ROCKJCP 05/22/17, 9:13 amMotley Fool
Apple market cap can exceed $1T, says RBC Capitaljimmybob05/22/17, 8:09 amInvestorsHub
The pps means nothing to me.DISCHINO05/21/17, 12:31 pmInvestorsHub
Nope, Android dominates the world.DISCHINO05/21/17, 12:30 pmInvestorsHub
AAPL--- From $90 to $150+ in the recent past.!Dadx405/20/17, 10:17 pmInvestorsHub
Samsung copies and that's a fact #Apple isKICK105/20/17, 10:04 pmInvestorsHub
The i8 will be another copy cat ofDISCHINO05/19/17, 8:55 pmInvestorsHub
Go ahead AAPL and push it!iPhoneRamp Worm05/19/17, 8:16 pmInvestorsHub
I think 155 could be more plausible byXtraFunds05/19/17, 5:36 pmInvestorsHub
Hmm, I was talking about $160. Expecting thatBritannyJ56405/19/17, 4:21 pmInvestorsHub
I think now it depends on rumours aboutmagness05/19/17, 9:59 amInvestorsHub
The Google iPhone Search DilemmaFrancisUnderwood05/19/17, 7:05 amInvestorsHub
#Apple Divvy Dancin! go Longs! #iWatch #AI #IOTKICK105/19/17, 12:23 amInvestorsHub
Nice rebound from that suit dip.XtraFunds05/18/17, 10:37 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Will Apple Debut a Smart Speaker? awlabrador 05/18/17, 7:42 pmMotley Fool
Apple CEO seen wearing prototype glucose monitor, CNBC reportsjimmybob05/18/17, 5:03 pmInvestorsHub
Really nice gains today.pennystockaholic05/18/17, 4:12 pmInvestorsHub
Well, I don't mind to see $160 next week.BritannyJ56405/18/17, 2:56 pmInvestorsHub
of course you didipods4all05/18/17, 1:34 pmInvestorsHub
You better hope we don't have a marketpack1005/18/17, 12:23 pmInvestorsHub
Well, I agree with him on that, eventually,magness05/18/17, 9:28 amInvestorsHub
I added to the dip today and ready$Pistol Pete$05/18/17, 12:40 amInvestorsHub
I shorted Apple at $156,with the 130 AugustDecarz05/17/17, 9:34 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Will Apple Debut a Smart Speaker? awlabrador 05/17/17, 4:56 pmMotley Fool
Yea.No kidding.. I guessRamp Worm05/17/17, 1:57 pmInvestorsHub
Awesome$Pistol Pete$05/17/17, 12:20 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Will Apple Debut a Smart Speaker? platykurtic 05/17/17, 11:59 amMotley Fool
Re: Will Apple Debut a Smart Speaker? platykurtic 05/17/17, 11:58 amMotley Fool
Can't believe Icahn sold it at $96 last year.magness05/17/17, 11:09 amInvestorsHub
Fair value at that price, i'd say!!pack1005/17/17, 8:54 amInvestorsHub
Apple target raised to $177 at Morgan Stanleyjimmybob05/17/17, 8:24 amInvestorsHub
Fundamentals are what matters, not politics. CurtisMLee 05/17/17, 5:44 amMotley Fool
$AAPL http://www.businessinsider.com/new-apple-laptops-coming-next-month-2017-5?$Pistol Pete$05/17/17, 2:32 amInvestorsHub
I agree with that. $180 is a greatMrwoodchuck05/16/17, 8:43 pmInvestorsHub
Re: 3 Top E-commerce Stocks to Buy Now Gabridge 05/16/17, 4:15 pmMotley Fool
Re: Bloomberg - New Apple Laptops at WWDC Gabridge 05/16/17, 4:13 pmMotley Fool
Bloomberg - New Apple Laptops at WWDC Sike9 05/16/17, 3:53 pmMotley Fool
Wired Article - Apple Park Sike9 05/16/17, 3:47 pmMotley Fool
Imagine buying 100,000 shares of apple back inGrand Rio05/16/17, 2:23 pmInvestorsHub


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