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Still in buy set up mode. No buyTREND109/25/17, 4:21 pmInvestorsHub
Did Apple just corner the smartphone AR market? TMFLifeIsGood 09/25/17, 4:11 pmMotley Fool
I looked it up earlier and if IBread Man09/25/17, 2:54 pmInvestorsHub
Search ex-dividend dateCamdep09/25/17, 2:35 pmInvestorsHub
Keep buying back cheap shares Apple!Go AAPL!!!AlanC09/25/17, 1:25 pmInvestorsHub
Re: iWatch3 zsimpson 09/25/17, 1:05 pmMotley Fool
Re: iWatch3 zsimpson 09/25/17, 12:59 pmMotley Fool
AAPLTREND109/25/17, 12:52 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Poll: Cost basis? zsimpson 09/25/17, 12:52 pmMotley Fool
Re: iWatch3 BreckHutHigh 09/25/17, 10:31 amMotley Fool
$140 yes possible? But $120? I wouldn't betrayank09/25/17, 9:43 amInvestorsHub
$AAPL What a deal! Go #Apple loading! #AIKICK109/25/17, 9:28 amInvestorsHub
$120-$125 coming. Then all in. Watch.Eagleize09/25/17, 8:52 amInvestorsHub
We gonna make some dough, Steve!GonnaBread Man09/24/17, 9:40 pmInvestorsHub
It does bro, TYBread Man09/24/17, 9:37 pmInvestorsHub
It looks like Chinese Huawei will kick APPLE'S~ Blue ~09/24/17, 8:10 pmInvestorsHub
AAPL---GLTA!Dadx409/24/17, 5:59 pmInvestorsHub
If anyone hasn't taken advantage yet, all lastEthereum09/24/17, 5:17 pmInvestorsHub
Well said bro. Well said3steve309/24/17, 2:20 pmInvestorsHub
My reply somehow got removed when I updated.pack1009/24/17, 12:58 pmInvestorsHub
iWatch3 Follydolly 09/24/17, 11:42 amMotley Fool
Re: Poll: Cost basis? Follydolly 09/24/17, 11:34 amMotley Fool
Once the buying begins, it will be fierce.Bread Man09/23/17, 6:11 pmInvestorsHub
Really nice reversal candle Friday , could seerisk on09/23/17, 5:54 pmInvestorsHub
Think Apple should have released the iPhone firstBluebull09/23/17, 3:58 pmInvestorsHub
Plenty of opportunity to come up to buyconix09/23/17, 3:54 pmInvestorsHub
I usually only hold a stock for aBread Man09/23/17, 10:44 amInvestorsHub
You got it. This is apack1009/23/17, 10:31 amInvestorsHub
Lol went to aapl store today and sooooooldBakovic09/22/17, 9:37 pmInvestorsHub
Jumped in today. What a gift!!!Bread Man09/22/17, 9:15 pmInvestorsHub
I want more under 150! Give me morethoand09/22/17, 9:02 pmInvestorsHub
WOw...good day, only down 1.50....way to go cooky.DISCHINO09/22/17, 7:03 pmInvestorsHub
AAPLTREND109/22/17, 6:09 pmInvestorsHub
Gap at $100 will it fill?DarkPool09/22/17, 2:37 pmInvestorsHub
More news -Watson909/22/17, 1:07 pmInvestorsHub
The article says no lines at the Apple stores.DISCHINO09/22/17, 12:09 pmInvestorsHub
Funny how those gaps on the chart get filled.conix09/22/17, 11:54 amInvestorsHub
Street does not like what it sees....another down day.DISCHINO09/22/17, 11:37 amInvestorsHub
It just shows the high demand for theStock Guy77709/22/17, 11:25 amInvestorsHub
Like you I hope Apple is able toAlanC09/22/17, 9:54 amInvestorsHub
What a huge buying opportunity.Is thispack1009/22/17, 9:48 amInvestorsHub
Amen to that!The shorts will propelAlanC09/22/17, 8:54 amInvestorsHub
Thx! Same to you and your wife. ;-)Juancy09/22/17, 8:38 amInvestorsHub
best wishes to your daughterzambono09/22/17, 8:36 amInvestorsHub
My daughter bought the 7 Plus about 3Juancy09/22/17, 8:33 amInvestorsHub
I was pushing her for the 8 butzambono09/22/17, 8:19 amInvestorsHub
Piper ups Apple target to $196 after iPhonejimmybob09/22/17, 7:20 amInvestorsHub
Citi reviews iPhone 8 launches, says customers waitingjimmybob09/22/17, 7:19 amInvestorsHub
Re: AAPL Judy45 09/22/17, 5:49 amMotley Fool
AAPL SPY QQQ JP Morgan Jamie Dimon saidMiguelHammond1009/22/17, 4:45 amInvestorsHub


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