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AAPL - Trying a bounce???? Jack72 05/6/16, 7:31 amMotley Fool
I have a lot invested in Apple AAPLKICK105/6/16, 1:36 amInvestorsHub
Re: Apple Music is Malware HMALETTER 05/5/16, 6:02 pmMotley Fool
Re: Ahem...Some Of Us Tried To Tell You... HMALETTER 05/5/16, 5:51 pmMotley Fool
Re: Apple Music is Malware PucksFool 05/5/16, 5:30 pmMotley Fool
Apple Music is Malware spinning 05/5/16, 4:48 pmMotley Fool
However, there is nothing interesting. I think itBritannyJ56405/5/16, 4:44 pmInvestorsHub
$92 is support, if $92 falls next supportStocksRockStar05/5/16, 3:54 pmInvestorsHub
More running...backwards.DISCHINO05/5/16, 2:48 pmInvestorsHub
Apple Officially Confirms One of Steve Job ? ?s Favoriteventurecapp05/5/16, 1:17 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Good buy Gabridge 05/5/16, 12:24 pmMotley Fool
BOD and Cooky Boy are a bunch ofDISCHINO05/5/16, 11:43 amInvestorsHub
Hoping Apple tags the pivot on daily beforeTheWatcher5105/4/16, 6:12 pmInvestorsHub
Another day of accumulation. We picked up someStarTraders05/4/16, 4:45 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Sell or Hold? WHOVPLLC 05/4/16, 3:39 pmMotley Fool
Wow, look at it run...lmao!!!DISCHINO05/4/16, 2:43 pmInvestorsHub
http://www.bbc.com/news/business-362004812460105/4/16, 2:35 pmInvestorsHub
I see what you mean AAPLKICK105/4/16, 2:00 pmInvestorsHub
Just bought a couple hundred more AAPL likeKICK105/4/16, 1:54 pmInvestorsHub
If Apple falls... The rest of the marketP3P05/4/16, 1:14 pmInvestorsHub
Probably...looking a little lower 86 to 88...waiting onProfit Time05/4/16, 12:50 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Good buy flyerboys 05/3/16, 10:40 pmMotley Fool
$$$$$$$$$$$ APPLEAlready made it05/3/16, 9:10 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Good buy Milligram46 05/3/16, 6:19 pmMotley Fool
* * $AAPL Video Chart 05-03-16 * *ClayTrader05/3/16, 5:19 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Good buy Follydolly 05/3/16, 4:44 pmMotley Fool
Unlikely in any reasonable time frame. Look atTrader_Jake05/3/16, 4:26 pmInvestorsHub
Thanks bud!PennyPicksPro05/3/16, 3:10 pmInvestorsHub
I still love apple at these prices. theyStarTraders05/3/16, 2:13 pmInvestorsHub
Wrong about Apple rotting ;-) ~ poor guyPennyPicksPro05/3/16, 1:22 pmInvestorsHub
Agreed chedsPennyPicksPro05/3/16, 12:43 pmInvestorsHub
Everything down, except Apple ;-)PennyPicksPro05/3/16, 11:47 amInvestorsHub
106 short termCheds05/3/16, 11:40 amInvestorsHub
Good buy Jack72 05/3/16, 11:26 amMotley Fool
Just for today? Or all of this week?CantonG05/3/16, 11:22 amInvestorsHub
Chart is compelling. This is bottomCheds05/3/16, 10:37 amInvestorsHub
Well looks like Cooks and Cramers Makeout sessionPennyHunter2505/3/16, 9:47 amInvestorsHub
I agreeJim12105/3/16, 7:50 amInvestorsHub
Down to 92 maybe lol AAPLKICK105/3/16, 2:14 amInvestorsHub
Re: Ahem...Some Of Us Tried To Tell You... stevenjklein 05/2/16, 11:55 pmMotley Fool
Wrong.. spike bear flag. They are going backlongymickshort05/2/16, 11:34 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Cramer and Cook at 6pm EST PucksFool 05/2/16, 7:34 pmMotley Fool
Re: Cramer and Cook at 6pm EST nml 05/2/16, 7:04 pmMotley Fool
Re: Sell or Hold? Follydolly 05/2/16, 6:13 pmMotley Fool
Cramer and Cook at 6pm EST goofnoff 05/2/16, 5:27 pmMotley Fool
Re: Sell or Hold? Milligram46 05/2/16, 3:16 pmMotley Fool
Re: Sell or Hold? akm3 05/2/16, 2:26 pmMotley Fool
Re: What's the next growth driver?? FlyingDiver 05/2/16, 1:26 pmMotley Fool
Re: Sell or Hold? goofnoff 05/2/16, 11:43 amMotley Fool
Just keep buying back these cheapies Apple andAlanC05/2/16, 11:09 amInvestorsHub


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