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ROTFLMFAO!I am quite pleased with thePrudent Capitalist03/20/17, 4:08 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Sold AAPL Mar 17 $139 Calls ROCKJCP 03/20/17, 12:49 pmMotley Fool
I'll raise ya---GREAT COMPANY---GLTA!Dadx403/20/17, 10:39 amInvestorsHub
Re: AAPL johnfraga 03/20/17, 6:44 amMotley Fool
Too many people hoping for a pullback. Thatjones9903/20/17, 5:22 amInvestorsHub
Market dipArxidi103/18/17, 11:34 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Poll: iPad's Future qazulight 03/18/17, 9:15 pmMotley Fool
Yessir! Apple is a True Champion! #WorldDomination on courseKICK103/18/17, 12:33 amInvestorsHub
Manipulationschaub03/17/17, 6:26 pmInvestorsHub
Why the sudden drop in Apple at theDrDouglas03/17/17, 4:04 pmInvestorsHub
For Apple to open stores in India theyRamp Worm03/17/17, 3:16 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Sold AAPL Mar 17 $139 Calls soycapital 03/17/17, 2:51 pmMotley Fool
No worries, guys! We'll get more this year,BritannyJ56403/17/17, 2:38 pmInvestorsHub
China is a critical manufacturing hub for ApplePigeonToad03/17/17, 1:48 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Sold AAPL Mar 17 $139 Calls ItsGoingUp 03/17/17, 1:40 pmMotley Fool
Sold AAPL Mar 17 $139 Calls Phantmdrvr 03/17/17, 12:02 pmMotley Fool
GOLDMAN SACHS ROCKJCP 03/17/17, 9:06 amMotley Fool
Looking like $ to me,Fletch03/16/17, 12:39 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Poll: iPad's Future spinning 03/16/17, 12:11 pmMotley Fool
Re: Poll: iPad's Future zsimpson 03/16/17, 11:25 amMotley Fool
Poll: iPad's Future pk22901 03/16/17, 9:51 amMotley Fool
Re: ratings ROCKJCP 03/16/17, 7:57 amMotley Fool
ratings CurtisMLee 03/16/17, 6:44 amMotley Fool
Re: AAPL johnfraga 03/16/17, 5:30 amMotley Fool
BeAST! #Apple is made money! stay up! #IOTKICK103/16/17, 2:30 amInvestorsHub
sure is we will be there soon.pennystockaholic03/16/17, 1:10 amInvestorsHub
Next stop: $150.FrancisUnderwood03/15/17, 8:16 pmInvestorsHub
Indeed, AAPL, keep it up! This stock deserves it.BritannyJ56403/15/17, 4:27 pmInvestorsHub
Great companies are hard to hold back forAlanC03/15/17, 4:23 pmInvestorsHub
This is a real triumph, my friends! Finally,BritannyJ56403/15/17, 4:22 pmInvestorsHub
AAPL---GLTA!Dadx403/15/17, 2:47 pmInvestorsHub
#Yellen Go Baby Go! #Apple!KICK103/15/17, 2:18 pmInvestorsHub
Apple stock price target raised to $155 fromPrudent Capitalist03/15/17, 2:16 pmInvestorsHub
I heard someone upgraded Apple today.pack1003/15/17, 12:31 pmInvestorsHub
I like apple , waiting for it toLove or money03/15/17, 10:17 amInvestorsHub
RBC CAPITAL ROCKJCP 03/15/17, 9:32 amMotley Fool
Re: AAPL larryhamilton 03/15/17, 5:46 amMotley Fool
time for Apple to go up.The dead cat bouncer03/14/17, 10:22 pmInvestorsHub
I love this company, but I'd add moreBritannyJ56403/14/17, 6:26 pmInvestorsHub
#Apple TV Show! #PlanetOfTheApps #IOT World Domination onKICK103/14/17, 12:06 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Phillip Fisher Blackhawk 03/13/17, 5:35 amMotley Fool
Thank you.iidris03/11/17, 5:05 pmInvestorsHub
Do we have to go down to goKICK103/11/17, 4:34 pmInvestorsHub
I agree that the market is in needWatson903/11/17, 10:10 amInvestorsHub
Is Apple Antifragile?FrancisUnderwood03/11/17, 7:58 amInvestorsHub
Then was that post even necessary lol.atenza03/10/17, 10:07 pmInvestorsHub
No, I am not shortinh\g $AAPLiidris03/10/17, 5:11 pmInvestorsHub
So you must be shorting Apple?ManyAlanC03/10/17, 5:02 pmInvestorsHub
This rally is coming to an end.iidris03/10/17, 1:33 pmInvestorsHub
Revolutionize music listening? Wait wat. How?FrancisUnderwood03/10/17, 12:02 pmInvestorsHub


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