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Looks like 122.50 is new support ?dannyzee8407/29/15, 12:52 pmInvestorsHub
Why do you hate Apple so much?AnG564007/29/15, 8:09 amInvestorsHub
I dont believe any smart investor would playrickochey07/28/15, 8:06 pmInvestorsHub
Short it now? You should have done thatjohny107/28/15, 5:50 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Apple's not just iPhones HMALETTER 07/28/15, 3:28 pmMotley Fool
http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/getboards.aspx?searchstr=AAPLmick07/28/15, 11:49 amInvestorsHub
No its just starting now.myrtle22207/28/15, 10:45 amInvestorsHub
Wow what a rebound after five day's redsnoppy07/28/15, 10:29 amInvestorsHub
Need an AAPL bounce today!!!dannyzee8407/28/15, 9:25 amInvestorsHub
AAPL Technical Analysis Video 7/27/2015 TheChartGuys 07/28/15, 6:58 amMotley Fool
Apple to Dis-intermediate Telcos TheCrusader 07/28/15, 12:30 amMotley Fool
AAPL stuck in this 120's channel. BIDU hasSundance207/27/15, 10:33 pmInvestorsHub
Short it! Why? It's Applesnoppy07/27/15, 7:34 pmInvestorsHub
I agree with u, I have 1 moreBylerzone07/27/15, 12:35 pmInvestorsHub
Derek Jenkins GeeBeeNC 07/27/15, 12:16 pmMotley Fool
10 Quotes of Tim Cook - for a dull sort of day putka 07/27/15, 11:34 amMotley Fool
Yeah that sounds rightdrivepact07/27/15, 11:12 amInvestorsHub
you didnt get the memo, I sold. Expectrickochey07/27/15, 11:06 amInvestorsHub
AAPL rally or surge before drop?... Market isdannyzee8407/27/15, 10:59 amInvestorsHub
Lolls124007/27/15, 10:46 amInvestorsHub
How many times have shorts lost shorting Apple.AlanC07/27/15, 10:43 amInvestorsHub
You sound like me. lolbundyelvis07/27/15, 10:38 amInvestorsHub
Not buying anymore until China gets some recoveryKingDMC07/27/15, 10:29 amInvestorsHub
I want to buy more shares but IDozd07/27/15, 10:27 amInvestorsHub
I just sold aapl, it should now closerickochey07/27/15, 9:46 amInvestorsHub
,,,,,,,Who's buying the Apple mobileIMPERIAL DRAGON07/27/15, 2:07 amInvestorsHub
Selling will accelerate this week. Chart is broken.StockVision07/26/15, 10:14 pmInvestorsHub
Re: New A8 iPod Touch models MarkR 07/26/15, 10:09 pmMotley Fool
I found it very difficult reading your post.Orko07/26/15, 9:30 pmInvestorsHub
There's almost unanimous feeling that Apple's last quarterfarviewhill07/26/15, 5:35 pmInvestorsHub
LOL at the smart watch...people are tired ofsub000fatality07/26/15, 5:25 pmInvestorsHub
Apple's not just iPhones PucksFool 07/26/15, 5:15 pmMotley Fool
There is little to no market for it.Paul Wall07/26/15, 5:09 pmInvestorsHub
Claw, if $AAPL breaks and closes below thecnvegas07/25/15, 10:01 pmInvestorsHub
I believe there will be a big surprisebundyelvis07/25/15, 3:25 pmInvestorsHub
I agree, especially now that you can buymyrtle22207/25/15, 3:18 pmInvestorsHub
There should be a lot of watches soldbundyelvis07/25/15, 3:11 pmInvestorsHub
Love The Apple Watchmyrtle22207/25/15, 2:02 pmInvestorsHub
I think the baby boomers will be aPeanutBuddaJamm07/25/15, 1:02 pmInvestorsHub
The market is going back up to 18,100bundyelvis07/25/15, 12:02 pmInvestorsHub
That may happen but IMO its going toThe Claw07/25/15, 12:00 pmInvestorsHub
I see Apple going to over 140.00 bybundyelvis07/25/15, 11:55 amInvestorsHub
Re: What Happened to all those Doomsday Projecti HMALETTER 07/25/15, 10:56 amMotley Fool
Re: What Happened to all those Doomsday Projecti tangoev 07/25/15, 5:47 amMotley Fool
Re: Watch sales actually rose from April to June tangoev 07/25/15, 5:35 amMotley Fool
Re: Apple -vs- Amazon awlabrador 07/25/15, 4:40 amMotley Fool
Apple is NOT rocking the Market anymore. It'ssnoppy07/25/15, 12:07 amInvestorsHub
Hahaha.Your thoughts are funny.pizzaclown07/24/15, 11:16 pmInvestorsHub
The Apple story is over. Nothing no rebound,snoppy07/24/15, 9:20 pmInvestorsHub
I doubt that it dips below 116 evenKaveli07/24/15, 9:18 pmInvestorsHub


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