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Keep in mind that there is an ex-dividendPrudent Capitalist02/16/17, 9:55 amInvestorsHub
I agree. But still waiting for 200. Lovemyrtle22202/15/17, 11:05 pmInvestorsHub
Yep, Buffett rating Apple a buy is aFrancisUnderwood02/15/17, 5:47 pmInvestorsHub
Re: The birth of a multi-bagger PucksFool 02/15/17, 4:12 pmMotley Fool
Jeez, Buffet has already made so much moneymagness02/15/17, 3:04 pmInvestorsHub
The birth of a multi-bagger DukeMontrose 02/15/17, 2:00 pmMotley Fool
Agree.CNBC pointed out this am that,Prudent Capitalist02/15/17, 10:46 amInvestorsHub
I wouldn't bet on 200, but I thinkpack1002/15/17, 8:55 amInvestorsHub
Buffett EverettRuess 02/15/17, 6:05 amMotley Fool
AAPL KathLamarre 02/15/17, 5:18 amMotley Fool
Very good! I've said it from the dayStock Guy77702/14/17, 10:33 pmInvestorsHub
Summary of Saber Capital's Case for Apple shaunfitz16 02/14/17, 6:39 pmMotley Fool
I'm a huge fan of Mr. B;Dadx402/14/17, 5:05 pmInvestorsHub
Shorts will now be torched even worse tomorrowPrudent Capitalist02/14/17, 5:00 pmInvestorsHub
Warren Buffett loads up on Apple stock, andPrudent Capitalist02/14/17, 4:55 pmInvestorsHub
$200 WHAT ARE THE CHANCESTRUSTUNITS100000002/14/17, 2:34 pmInvestorsHub
Nonsense.What is your factual basis forPrudent Capitalist02/14/17, 12:26 pmInvestorsHub
AAPL---New all time high!Dadx402/14/17, 11:27 amInvestorsHub
Re: AAPL johnfraga 02/14/17, 4:44 amMotley Fool
If Cramer said it, you know it's totalCIMA702/14/17, 3:20 amInvestorsHub
shorts only short the highs ?2460102/13/17, 5:39 pmInvestorsHub
what consensus? That iphone 8 will come innaturalborninvestor02/13/17, 5:12 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Goldman Target Raised to $150 ROCKJCP 02/13/17, 4:20 pmMotley Fool
I share that consensus. Hence thepack1002/13/17, 2:06 pmInvestorsHub
Repeat that mantra every time you're getting readyFrancisUnderwood02/13/17, 12:59 pmInvestorsHub
Patents that may see the light of day ... PucksFool 02/13/17, 10:56 amMotley Fool
Goldman Target Raised to $150 BreckHutHigh 02/13/17, 10:55 amMotley Fool
5 most intimate brands TMFLifeIsGood 02/13/17, 10:42 amMotley Fool
Analysts are loving AAPL. AAPL IS A GREATcrudeoil2402/13/17, 10:37 amInvestorsHub
Those daily margin calls must be horrible toAlanC02/13/17, 9:02 amInvestorsHub
Yep see #Apple @143.33! @yoKICK102/13/17, 1:03 amInvestorsHub
How come they are dirty?FrancisUnderwood02/12/17, 7:36 pmInvestorsHub
Re: board shift Milligram46 02/12/17, 4:08 pmMotley Fool
Does not effect me one bit...I could care less.DISCHINO02/11/17, 2:48 pmInvestorsHub
Apple Inc. (AAPL)mick02/11/17, 2:33 pmInvestorsHub
Stealing from VPLM.VPLM just responded toDeerBalls02/11/17, 1:39 pmInvestorsHub
Believe it or not, but I'm pretty sureBritannyJ56402/10/17, 3:08 pmInvestorsHub
I am not a former employee.DISCHINO02/10/17, 12:55 pmInvestorsHub
Yes they do!And the shorts andPrudent Capitalist02/10/17, 11:22 amInvestorsHub
https://www.idropnews.com/videos/watch-iphone-7-fly-space-return-unharmed/31024/prof8102/10/17, 10:51 amInvestorsHub
Decent SA Write Up BreckHutHigh 02/10/17, 9:06 amMotley Fool
Who did they steal from, dish?dws02/10/17, 6:55 amInvestorsHub
#Apple has quieted the haters once and forKICK102/10/17, 2:00 amInvestorsHub
Warren Buffett Loves Apple, Can The Stock Hit $150?FrancisUnderwood02/9/17, 12:04 pmInvestorsHub
#Apple will never be under 120 again andKICK102/9/17, 10:39 amInvestorsHub
I don't like options myself. Youpack1002/9/17, 9:42 amInvestorsHub
Not much. I have no doubt that manyDadx402/8/17, 7:09 pmInvestorsHub
Ahh----I want to buy options in Apple -anyantman02/8/17, 5:20 pmInvestorsHub
Will the iPhone 8 break the cost barrier ... PucksFool 02/8/17, 3:53 pmMotley Fool
What a monster move the past little whileantman02/8/17, 12:41 pmInvestorsHub


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