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Is that why the pps dropped today?DISCHINO06/20/16, 6:25 pmInvestorsHub
Re: INDIA/APPLE ROCKJCP 06/20/16, 6:19 pmMotley Fool
Apple iPhone SE Has Become A Darling Tonyctraydr06/20/16, 2:44 pmInvestorsHub
Anti Trust Price Fixing paychecks in the mail!!!DISCHINO06/20/16, 2:35 pmInvestorsHub
Trouble's brewing for this one, too.FrancisUnderwood06/20/16, 2:25 pmInvestorsHub
This week definitely will be nice for us.magness06/20/16, 12:37 pmInvestorsHub
Re: INDIA/APPLE Gabridge 06/20/16, 10:21 amMotley Fool
INDIA/APPLE ROCKJCP 06/20/16, 10:17 amMotley Fool
Dont have position just sharing...jimmybob06/20/16, 9:26 amInvestorsHub
China an existential threat to Apple, but likelyjimmybob06/20/16, 7:43 amInvestorsHub
GLTU too! AAPL adding dipsKICK106/19/16, 11:48 pmInvestorsHub
To support the American economy and it's families,DISCHINO06/19/16, 8:32 pmInvestorsHub
Lol why should Cook support a candidate whonaturalborninvestor06/19/16, 5:26 pmInvestorsHub
Politics aside, including contribute or not, he's a fool.DISCHINO06/19/16, 3:11 pmInvestorsHub
AAPL News: Statement of Changes in Beneficial Ownershipmick06/19/16, 12:44 pmInvestorsHub
China made up for the loss in salesKid-Gloves06/19/16, 9:50 amInvestorsHub
So they wanna eliminate competition, is that whatFrancisUnderwood06/18/16, 4:40 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Warren Buffett - AAPL putka 06/18/16, 1:13 pmMotley Fool
Another great buying op Apple is king ofKICK106/18/16, 7:51 amInvestorsHub
On Monday everything will be much better. IBritannyJ56406/17/16, 4:35 pmInvestorsHub
Similar to a phone produced by another ChineseTrader Al06/17/16, 1:26 pmInvestorsHub
Np- and sharing, I have no positionjimmybob06/17/16, 1:13 pmInvestorsHub
Re: APPLE PAY Follydolly 06/17/16, 12:10 pmMotley Fool
I read your provided article.DISCHINO06/17/16, 11:40 amInvestorsHub
Still innovating off patents by others.DISCHINO06/17/16, 10:55 amInvestorsHub
9.81 Million Shares @ $99.49 / share PucksFool 06/17/16, 10:52 amMotley Fool
$AAPL - http://www.wsj.com/articles/beijing-regulator-orders-apple-to-stop-salejimmybob06/17/16, 8:34 amInvestorsHub
Re: Summary of WWDC keynote ROCKJCP 06/17/16, 8:03 amMotley Fool
Apple price target lowered to $115 from $120jimmybob06/17/16, 7:30 amInvestorsHub
Apple A$K is up GSCO Ask 1100 AAPLKICK106/16/16, 1:54 pmInvestorsHub
Amen to that!Apple hopefully is buyingAlanC06/16/16, 1:23 pmInvestorsHub
Dropping a dollar pre market doesn't mean theAndrew2306/16/16, 9:20 amInvestorsHub
$JPM cuts PT on $AAPL to $105 fromjimmybob06/16/16, 6:39 amInvestorsHub
Looks like its down to 80 s $aapl forjakewhite06/15/16, 7:41 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Warren Buffett - AAPL petey48 06/14/16, 4:28 pmMotley Fool
Re: Summary of WWDC keynote Gabridge 06/14/16, 11:17 amMotley Fool
Re: Summary of WWDC keynote dsbrady 06/14/16, 10:10 amMotley Fool
Summary of WWDC keynote PucksFool 06/14/16, 9:01 amMotley Fool
COOK'S SUMMER BBQ ROCKJCP 06/11/16, 10:14 amMotley Fool
Re: Warren Buffett - AAPL DTBoojum 06/10/16, 3:37 pmMotley Fool
Re: Warren Buffett - AAPL InvestorMike1 06/10/16, 3:00 pmMotley Fool
AAPL is looking strong here looking for atrades2win06/10/16, 12:46 pmInvestorsHub
WWDC is on monday!!atenza06/10/16, 9:12 amInvestorsHub
Thank you, been around the markets a longWinningInvestments06/9/16, 6:16 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Warren Buffett - AAPL PucksFool 06/9/16, 5:21 pmMotley Fool
Stock was strong all day on major buyingtrades2win06/9/16, 4:34 pmInvestorsHub
Not every time, but when due diligence andBiggiee06/9/16, 3:46 pmInvestorsHub
Generally speaking, yes.Markets are in terribleMr_Doug06/9/16, 2:28 pmInvestorsHub
This is what they're supposed to do whenFrancisUnderwood06/9/16, 1:57 pmInvestorsHub
Warren Buffett - AAPL InvestorMike1 06/9/16, 12:37 pmMotley Fool


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