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Friday, as usual, though.magness05/27/16, 10:01 amInvestorsHub
There is no way Apple is gonna takemagness05/26/16, 5:39 pmInvestorsHub
Oh yeah. Plenty of time.MakeEmSqueal05/26/16, 5:04 pmInvestorsHub
Yep agreed... Next week is short I seeKICK105/26/16, 4:54 pmInvestorsHub
Hope you bought time, imoProfit Time05/26/16, 4:36 pmInvestorsHub
Finance vs. Business PucksFool 05/26/16, 4:14 pmMotley Fool
Shorts getting made into apple sauce ;-)PennyPicksPro05/26/16, 3:58 pmInvestorsHub
That's a good time frame! Onward and upwardDizzle9605/26/16, 3:19 pmInvestorsHub
Whammy! AAPL @100KICK105/26/16, 3:02 pmInvestorsHub
Re: TWX? Milligram46 05/26/16, 1:41 pmMotley Fool
Re: Apple does windows WHOVPLLC 05/26/16, 12:19 pmMotley Fool
Re: TWX? Milligram46 05/26/16, 11:56 amMotley Fool
Re: TWX? PucksFool 05/26/16, 11:36 amMotley Fool
June 24-$105 Strike @ .45 per contract.MakeEmSqueal05/26/16, 10:53 amInvestorsHub
TWX? toadhall 05/26/16, 10:48 amMotley Fool
CRAMER ROCKJCP 05/26/16, 8:58 amMotley Fool
Rounded bullish bottom may give some boost andjones9905/26/16, 4:49 amInvestorsHub
I'm adding another 500 shares tomorrow and then867moneytime05/25/16, 10:50 pmInvestorsHub
Lmao.EvilRbt05/25/16, 10:05 pmInvestorsHub
At least AAPL has REAL SHORTS... lol...Weird ? o05/25/16, 10:02 pmInvestorsHub
In for 1,245 shares today!! ;). Will be867moneytime05/25/16, 7:50 pmInvestorsHub
GLOBAL PAYMENTS ROCKJCP 05/25/16, 2:54 pmMotley Fool
AAPL goes Past 100 today anyoneKICK105/25/16, 2:32 pmInvestorsHub
RESISTANCE@100 ROCKJCP 05/25/16, 12:22 pmMotley Fool
40%? Stock is still a bargain.BurntDizzle9605/25/16, 12:16 pmInvestorsHub
I'm so sad I didn't grab enough applesjakewhite05/25/16, 8:37 amInvestorsHub
X Post: Apple (AAPL) Daily Charts RockOYates 05/25/16, 5:07 amMotley Fool
Nice movement the last 10 days.ProfitSnatcher05/24/16, 10:29 pmInvestorsHub
Yes it is, new it was just aWinningInvestments05/24/16, 7:58 pmInvestorsHub
Weeeeeeeee boommmmmsssssabazaba37505/24/16, 6:32 pmInvestorsHub
Weeee $98 call hitGreenThumb Investor05/24/16, 5:10 pmInvestorsHub
How those Apple shorts feeling? Really got trickedPennyPicksPro05/24/16, 4:54 pmInvestorsHub
How u like them apples $aapl . Ijakewhite05/24/16, 4:09 pmInvestorsHub
Buy candidate Jack72 05/24/16, 3:52 pmMotley Fool
The squeeze is on tighter than a rubberband......goodProfit Time05/24/16, 3:02 pmInvestorsHub
Looking for 98.61......to pull MAs.........imoProfit Time05/24/16, 1:48 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Tim Cook Interview - 1000 years in India WHOVPLLC 05/24/16, 12:06 pmMotley Fool
Re: INDIA WHOVPLLC 05/24/16, 12:01 pmMotley Fool
Re: BUSINESS PLAN WHOVPLLC 05/24/16, 12:00 pmMotley Fool
Re: Buffett WHOVPLLC 05/24/16, 11:56 amMotley Fool
Re: vertical call WHOVPLLC 05/24/16, 11:53 amMotley Fool
Re: Apple/Didi...foreign cash...future of motori WHOVPLLC 05/24/16, 11:49 amMotley Fool
And we continue to expect great gains nextBritannyJ56405/20/16, 5:17 pmInvestorsHub
AAPL News: Apple Union Square Highlights New Designmick05/20/16, 1:36 pmInvestorsHub
This will stop once we elect Trumpipods4all05/20/16, 1:24 pmInvestorsHub
Lmao time to cover broCheds05/20/16, 1:00 pmInvestorsHub
Tim Cook Interview - 1000 years in India putka 05/20/16, 12:42 pmMotley Fool


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