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aapl lower iPhone sales down aapl stock goingProsper/high07/29/16, 6:41 pmInvestorsHub
Good thing does not last forever. Will applevicorka07/29/16, 4:21 pmInvestorsHub
I, do feel about $185 by early January..Lastcall5907/29/16, 3:58 pmInvestorsHub
AAPL moves so slowly. All eyes on theBritannyJ56407/29/16, 3:55 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Apple Watch Sales Down 55% stevenjklein 07/29/16, 10:19 amMotley Fool
Re: A boney hand reached up from the grave... Gabridge 07/29/16, 9:47 amMotley Fool
Re: Apple Watch Sales Down 55% TheCrusader 07/29/16, 12:50 amMotley Fool
Yes I believe it will raise the barKICK107/28/16, 4:38 pmInvestorsHub
Perhaps, but who am I to argue withPrudent Capitalist07/28/16, 4:29 pmInvestorsHub
Nice closeBiggiee07/28/16, 4:23 pmInvestorsHub
$150 is just a ridiculous price target, butmagness07/28/16, 3:09 pmInvestorsHub
Credit Suisse has a $150 Price Target andPrudent Capitalist07/28/16, 3:06 pmInvestorsHub
Well, I want to think that I won'tBritannyJ56407/28/16, 3:00 pmInvestorsHub
Apple Makes Shareholders Billionairestrendmkr07/28/16, 2:45 pmInvestorsHub
Re: A boney hand reached up from the grave... mjolah 07/28/16, 1:17 pmMotley Fool
Testing the resistance level around the 200 dayPrudent Capitalist07/28/16, 11:28 amInvestorsHub
Great article, proving by the numbers and consumerDISCHINO07/28/16, 11:25 amInvestorsHub
This is interesting: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/apples-earnings-analysts-uAlanC07/28/16, 11:21 amInvestorsHub
http://www.marketwatch.com/story/apple-its-time-to-license-the-operating-system-davidsson1007/28/16, 11:06 amInvestorsHub
A boney hand reached up from the grave... PucksFool 07/28/16, 10:40 amMotley Fool
Onward and upward!Go AAPL!!!AlanC07/28/16, 10:08 amInvestorsHub
Bigger fits some people. Amazing on the carmyrtle22207/27/16, 10:36 pmInvestorsHub
According to Tim Cook on the last callRamp Worm07/27/16, 6:55 pmInvestorsHub
What do you call Apple Pay? If notmyrtle22207/27/16, 6:52 pmInvestorsHub
Apple had a great run..but its over. NothingOdis07/27/16, 5:36 pmInvestorsHub
* * $AAPL Video Chart 07-27-16 * *ClayTrader07/27/16, 5:17 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Another Thought On Pokemon GO Milligram46 07/27/16, 3:26 pmMotley Fool
The Apple digital reach to the world wasKICK107/27/16, 3:23 pmInvestorsHub
Apple Watch Sales Down 55% Milligram46 07/27/16, 3:23 pmMotley Fool
To be honest, Apple's earnings upset me aBritannyJ56407/27/16, 2:41 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Another Thought On Pokemon GO HMALETTER 07/27/16, 2:29 pmMotley Fool
Another Thought On Pokemon GO Milligram46 07/27/16, 1:30 pmMotley Fool
Berkshire Hathaway has taken a large position herePrudent Capitalist07/27/16, 12:56 pmInvestorsHub
Yes the was expected before earnings.pennystockaholic07/27/16, 12:47 pmInvestorsHub
Hi PC, when Steve Jobbs passed away, sodb07/27/16, 12:23 pmInvestorsHub
Trust that dude as far as I canRead-Dark Pool07/27/16, 12:14 pmInvestorsHub
I respectfully disagree.Jim Cramer (CNBC) andPrudent Capitalist07/27/16, 12:10 pmInvestorsHub
Apple CEO Tim Cook Gives Positive Sentiments Abouttrendmkr07/27/16, 11:53 amInvestorsHub
LMAO!Seriously?Prudent Capitalist07/27/16, 11:51 amInvestorsHub
long term. Sell AAPL.Currently at 103.db07/27/16, 11:35 amInvestorsHub
Picked up more 100 $AAPL @102.75 added newKICK107/27/16, 11:11 amInvestorsHub
I am a AAPL man But i justeuroptiger07/27/16, 11:08 amInvestorsHub
Take a BIG bite of that Poison Apple !Odis07/27/16, 10:48 amInvestorsHub
L2 range today $AAPL bid @102.80 ask @105.46KICK107/27/16, 10:32 amInvestorsHub
buying lower earnings...ok.. lol buy away!!Odis07/27/16, 9:53 amInvestorsHub
could be a good play!Odis07/27/16, 9:49 amInvestorsHub
Took on some put action this AM.Read-Dark Pool07/27/16, 9:47 amInvestorsHub
retail buys while institutional dumps.. retail gets slaughteredOdis07/27/16, 9:42 amInvestorsHub
Apple adds around 50 to the DOW! $AAPLKICK107/27/16, 9:36 amInvestorsHub
Really... Up $7!drivepact07/27/16, 9:36 amInvestorsHub


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