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We both will.DISCHINO11/30/15, 5:26 pmInvestorsHub
Let's see, iWatch or a top of theDISCHINO11/30/15, 5:01 pmInvestorsHub
I agree, my wife is getting one.pack1011/30/15, 11:16 amInvestorsHub
New printer Guinea pig HMALETTER 11/29/15, 3:34 pmMotley Fool
Here comes AAPL SANTA YES!!!!bigstocksnbonds11/29/15, 1:04 pmInvestorsHub
I agreeProfitSnatcher11/29/15, 10:26 amInvestorsHub
Re: Every watch an Apple watch? tangoev 11/29/15, 7:58 amMotley Fool
Yes mam... Great to see you as well!KICK111/29/15, 6:23 amInvestorsHub
bebeboSil11/28/15, 3:42 pmInvestorsHub
Every watch an Apple watch? PucksFool 11/28/15, 12:40 pmMotley Fool
Maybe by next Friday,,Reports are Apple's products areDecarz11/28/15, 10:28 amInvestorsHub
Yes I do agree AAPLKICK111/28/15, 9:24 amInvestorsHub
I love the divvy go AAPLKICK111/27/15, 1:40 pmInvestorsHub
Yup, no more flying high Apple.DISCHINO11/27/15, 12:23 pmInvestorsHub
I'd be happy with 1500myrtle22211/27/15, 12:02 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Need help with Apple Watch Strategy ItsGoingUp 11/26/15, 2:59 pmMotley Fool
Only have 1500 of'em now AAPLKICK111/26/15, 12:14 pmInvestorsHub
Wow I left for a break and itKICK111/26/15, 12:13 pmInvestorsHub
Apple Car?? I bet u aren't updated toGalvaaste11/26/15, 11:29 amInvestorsHub
Need help with Apple Watch Strategy PaddyIreland 11/26/15, 6:57 amMotley Fool
CNBC a tool of the shorts? Go AAPL!!!AlanC11/25/15, 6:37 pmInvestorsHub
http://www.cnbc.com/2015/11/25/the-days-of-apples-amazing-profits-may-be-over.htLowjack11/25/15, 3:55 pmInvestorsHub
AAPL has no chance of getting to 120BritannyJ56411/25/15, 2:01 pmInvestorsHub
$AAPL involved with New Net Zero YMCA Learning centers.Saving Grace11/25/15, 10:36 amInvestorsHub
Solid day! Happy Thanksgiving Holiday! Nicecrudeoil2411/24/15, 4:54 pmInvestorsHub
Going to be lots of up days onAlanC11/24/15, 1:55 pmInvestorsHub
Good advice, they are cheap alright.DISCHINO11/24/15, 12:17 pmInvestorsHub
Just made 180% on puts at the topdannyzee8411/24/15, 10:53 amInvestorsHub
Just keep buying back cheap shares Apple.AlanC11/24/15, 10:40 amInvestorsHub
Up today, down tomorrow!DISCHINO11/24/15, 10:26 amInvestorsHub
AAPL boom?dannyzee8411/24/15, 9:41 amInvestorsHub
APPLE PAY ROCKJCP 11/24/15, 9:23 amMotley Fool
Forgot to mentionI love my Applemyrtle22211/24/15, 8:41 amInvestorsHub
$AAPL was upgraded to conviction buy at Goldmanjones9911/24/15, 4:15 amInvestorsHub
You won't get any argument from me regardingmyrtle22211/23/15, 6:25 pmInvestorsHub
Tagheur is a better looking, more expensive other. north4000011/23/15, 5:58 pmInvestorsHub
Unfortunately I think we bounce around from 105Jim12111/23/15, 5:52 pmInvestorsHub
What happened to 120, 125, 150, 160 targetDISCHINO11/23/15, 4:53 pmInvestorsHub
Everyone is cashing out!Lowjack11/23/15, 3:34 pmInvestorsHub
Look at the news above...i7 might be waterproof.DISCHINO11/23/15, 2:01 pmInvestorsHub
DOWN A BUCK....LOLDISCHINO11/23/15, 12:01 pmInvestorsHub
They are sick of Apple's arrogance, greed andDISCHINO11/23/15, 12:00 pmInvestorsHub
Love this statement by the patent review boardPatentinvestor11/23/15, 9:57 amInvestorsHub
Re: Sadly, I have to agree toadhall 11/22/15, 5:30 pmMotley Fool
A report from Canaccord just came out pointingFrancisUnderwood11/22/15, 4:53 pmInvestorsHub
Apple watch to become mainstreammyrtle22211/22/15, 12:04 pmInvestorsHub
UPGRADED ROCKJCP 11/22/15, 10:05 amMotley Fool
Re: Sadly, I have to agree Goofyhoofy 11/22/15, 7:31 amMotley Fool
Re: They deserve combat pay flyerboys 11/22/15, 12:00 amMotley Fool
Apple Inc. (AAPL)mick11/21/15, 9:23 pmInvestorsHub


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